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Having optimal levels of Oxygen in your body is required for healthy functions. It’s required to convert food into energy. Without it you have about 5 minutes before your brain starts dying. We’re all becoming more and more oxygen deprived. Three hundred years ago, our atmospheric oxygen was more than 30% at sea level. Today it’s only 18.5%. And we’re losing 0.5% atmospheric oxygen every 10 years. Very serious if this rate continues.

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It’s difficult to get enough oxygen to keep us healthy. Oxygen deficit can cause fatigue and infections. Overeating drains your oxygen. Stress causes shallow breathing. Fluoride in drinking water adds to oxygen depletion.

Oral atomic oxygen supplementation works to increase your oxygen. It’s the active form of oxygen, unlike what we breathe (molecular O2). Works to kill offensive bacteria and other toxins. Even more effective by soaking and inhaling from a steaming bath. Humidifier or nebulizer.

Free (atomic) oxygen is needed for your immune system to disable infectious microbes. And for your lymphatic system to clear away metabolic waste.

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