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Amino Acids

Chronic pain has been resolved with Amino Acid (AAs) supplementation. It enables efficient protein digestion.

Many people have impaired protein digestion, even though most eat too much meat. They don’t extract sufficient AAs from food. They don’t digest and use protein efficiently. This causes an AA deficiency, which can further slow or stop assimilation. It stresses your immune system. Results are inflammation and pain. From one or more chronic degenerative diseases.

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Protein digestion becomes impaired from poor diet. Inadequate nutrition and elimination. Toxicity and stress. Our industrialized society and drugs. Cleaners and cosmetics. Silver mercury dental fillings. Vaccinations and old lead paint.

Your body can use Amino Acids for adequate protein digestion. Build healthy tissue. Repair damage from poor digestion. This can stop inflammation, pain and chronic degenerative diseases. Repair spinal disks, where weakness causes misalignments and pain. Restore your immune system and energy.

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