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Lungs and Breathing

Inflammation affects your lungs and breathing ability. The cause can be allergies or infection. It can be chronic or short term. Either way, the result is swollen, constricted bronchi and a common cough or serious inflammatory condition.

Healthier lungs (and other mucous membranes) give you better protection from invasive microbes and allergens. Better immunity.

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Reducing inflammation will ease breathing difficulties. Gives you better sleep and more energy. Supplemental antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral products are excellent for killing pathogens that cause lungs and breathing difficulties. Detoxifying to remove industrial age toxins will free-up your immune system to breathe easier. Supplements can alleviate spasms from coughing. Herbal tinctures can open your throat, chest and voice. Effective relief from throat and lung congestion. Air purifiers with full scale particle filtration give protection the harmful effects of poor indoor air quality.

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