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Adrenal Glands

Adrenal Glands hormones are best known for secreting adrenaline. This enables your body’s stress response. Under or over production can cause serious health concerns.

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Your adrenals are essential for health. They produce hormones that help you react to stress. Burn fat and protein. Regulate sugar and blood pressure.

If your adrenals don’t produce enough hormones, it can lead to a variety of symptoms and health issues. One most common symptom of adrenal gland trouble is fatigue. Other issues include upper body obesity. Skin problems and high blood glucose. Slow growth rates in children. High blood pressure. Muscle and bone weakness. Extreme sad moods and irritability.

Keep your adrenals healthy to ward off serious health concerns that come from over or under hormone production.

Adrenal-Ease supports your tired adrenals. Overcome adrenal exhaustion and rebuild your energy. Cortisol from your adrenals helps regulate your stress response and metabolism. Cortisol-Ease is an herbal tincture for stress. It reduces both traumatic and chronic.

When your body gets it’s required nutrients, it can clean, repair and maintain itself. Find out your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being

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