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ZEO Health

ZEO Health is the original manufacturer of Zeolite supplements in the United States (since 1999). They are one of the most experienced Zeolite supplement manufacturers in the world.

Zeolite is a natural mineral and a powerful cleansing agent. Helps detoxify heavy metals, balance your pH and support your immune system. Studies show that detoxifying with Zeolite is very beneficial for healthy living. It has a honeycomb shape that is optimum for filtering toxins. And it acts like a magnet to attract them. Detoxify your body and feel so much better.

Here is the most effective form of Zeolite available. These products are specifically formulated using the highest quality Zeolite, to deliver the most effective health benefits.

All products are manufactured in a secure GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) licensed pharmaceutical facility under strict quality control. Every capsule and bottle contents are checked, rechecked, and safety sealed. ZEO Health produces the purest, highest quality products, in which you can have confidence

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