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Twilight America

Twilight America products are the result of a thirty year quest for the Life Force and its application to vibrational products. Refresh your body’s water and provide nutrients that your cells need to stay vital. Bypass the digestive tract altogether. Ease the pain of inflammation and restore regeneration. Open the door to regaining the vital characteristics of youth.

Outstanding healing and rejuvenating products deliver superior, energized hydration, and optimize magnesium absorption through your body’s largest organ – the skin. Restore your youth and enhance your general health, strength and vitality.

Twilight America products are based on an ancient technology that was rediscovered by Jim Carter. Jim called it the science of Love Enrichment. Twilight products are delivering their nutritional benefits through the skin, literally carried into the body by the energized water in which they are dissolved.

These products, much like all life, are initiated and animated by the Life Force. The Magic and Prill Water work well because of the life force, or perhaps Love Force. It is the same energy that makes grandmother’s cooking taste so good – she stirs in Love with every meal. Grandma’s cooking tasting so much better than a dish prepared by a disinterested short order cook is a manifestation of the Love Force in the physical form.

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