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SuperNutrient Corporation

SuperNutrient Corporation specializes in Amino Acid Supplementation Therapy. To restore your immune system and thereby your health and vitality. Thousands of people have recovered from chronic degenerative diseases. Pain from inflammation (muscles, joints). Fatigue, anxiety and extreme low moods. Digestive troubles, headaches and more.

An impaired digestive system cannot extract Amino Acids in sufficient quantities. This leads to amino acid deficiency, which can further slow or stop assimilation.

SuperNutrient Corporation was found in 1980 when a virtual lightening bolt struck Dr. Brice Vickery. He is a Holistic Chiropractic Physician and Applied Kinesiologist/Electro–acupuncturist. He used kinesiology (expert muscle testing) on hundreds of patients. Of all his patients that were not able to maintain a straight spine, the common thread was a protein deficiency.

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