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Regenurex Astaxanthin is made from a strain of freshwater micro-algae. This powerful antioxidant can increase your energy and immunity. Excellent for your cardiovascular system. Your brain, eyes and skin.

This is a full-spectrum oil from the whole algae plant. Because extracting an isolate would fail to capture other nutrients and benefits. Never dehydrated, nor exposed to harsh chemicals. To preserve all the benefits of whole algae.

Their gentle and natural extraction method takes extra time and love. But it’s worth it. The only Astaxanthin product with a sweet flavor. A pleasant odor and no fishy aftertaste. Most importantly, it helps people live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Regenurex grows algae in sealed, controlled tanks using pure alpine water. In British Columbia, Canada. This provides optimum growing conditions to maintain plant health. Creates consistent, high-quality algae with zero contamination. Algae grown in open ponds cannot guarantee zero contamination.

This product is Health Canada approved. Astaxanthin has received GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status in the United States.

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