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QuickSilver Scientific

QuickSilver Scientific products nourish your cells with superior nutraceuticals. Efficiently and fast. The power of intravenous therapy in convenient oral delivery. Effective products for optimal health. Made from the highest grade ingredients available.

Discover the power of Liposomal Delivery. Where modern science unleashes the curative power of nature. QuickSilver Scientific is an industry leader in developing and producing the Liposomal Delivery system. The nutrients are protected and delivered straight into your bloodstream. Potent bioavailability for maximum absorption and benefits.

QuickSilver Scientific has improved basic Liposomal Delivery technology. Creating even smaller, more stable, and tightly distributed single-layer spheres. Nutrients begin absorbing as soon as they hit your mouth. You get high absorption, before alteration by harsh digestion.

Based on U.S. standards. And the growing body of scientific evidence generated from thousands of research studies.

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