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Miracle II

Miracle II is a unique line of non-toxic, environmentally safe products. Including plant-based liquid soap and skin moisturizers.  With no synthetic oils, animal fat or preservatives. Thousands of satisfied users have discovered new uses for them.

These biodegradable products help people manage degenerative disease and environmental sensitivity. They are naturally concentrated. Use them sparingly, as less is better.

Miracle II products are ideal antibacterial cleaners in your home. They deodorize and work as insecticides and fertilizers. Safe on even the most delicate skin and hair. Treat everything from colic to constipation. Yeast infections and eliminate body odors.

In 1980, Miracle II products were spiritually revealed and formulated. They contain and hold spiritual energy beyond measure.  Exceptionally versatile, these products can clean anything that water won’t hurt.

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