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Marine Technology

Marine Technology offers the finest and purest Ecklonia Cava. It’s extracted from a species of marine plant – an edible brown algae. Ecklonia Cava is an extremely effective antioxidant that works to prevent and stop tumor growth. Reverse symptoms of aging and eliminate painful degenerative diseases. Thousands of people throughout Asia have been consuming algae for centuries.

Prior to all harvests, Marine Technology tests the water to ensure that plants are free from all contaminants. When the water is deemed safe, the harvest begins. Raw material is pulled from the ocean and dried. Then sent out to be processed.

Marine Technology uses a patented water extraction process to remove the fiber, leaving only the active ingredients. The yield is a 99.9% pure product. Stringent tests are done to ensure that the final product is safe for human consumption. And conforms to Asian and US regulations. It’s then Kosher certified for purity. The finished product packed in 25 kilo vats, and shipped to a warehouse in California.

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