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EssenceSea wellness products are created with essential sea-based nutrients. For optimal hydration, mineral balance and overall wellness. The effects you’ll feel are rejuvenation and pain relief. Reverse chronic degenerative conditions and inflammation. Excellent for thyroid gland health and immune system dysfunction. Enhance detoxification and digestion.

These products are created with VOLIXER™ technology. It changes the molecular structure of the sea nutrients, to effectively enter cells. This increases your nutrient absorption and utilization. Primarily magnesium. Enabling energy for body repairs and maintenance.

VOLIXER™ proprietary technology from EssenceSea charges water with life-force. Based on principles discovered by Viktor Schauberger in the 1920s. He sent spring water down a mountain in wooden troughs, creating turbulence. This enabled the water to absorb complex fields from the planet Earth. When used to irrigate the forest, the trees would grow much faster and healthier. The new Energized Water gives superior hydration to all cells in your body, pets and plants.

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