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Earth Friend Herb Co

Earth Friend Herb Co began in 1980 by Master Herbalist Elijah Free. To better serve his patients and growing healing practice, Elijah created these herbal tinctures. Far more potent than pills, capsules or teas.

Until 1985, these tinctures were exclusive for Elijah’s private practice. After many requests from natural doctors, Earth Friend Herb Co began. A wide variety of herbal tinctures. Researched, developed and formulated for therapeutic clinic usage. Medicinal strength and highly concentrated.

Elijah Free has been a medical associate at Pacific Naturopathic Clinic in Mt. View, CA, since January of 2000. Here Elijah specializes in the elimination of body pain. Both mechanical and metabolic.

He is the creator of ‘Freeing – Rapid Pain Elimination’. A form of non-intrusive bodywork that literally rebuilds painful conditions. By gently restoring space where it’s been lost or compromised. His practice is worldwide and always very busy. Exclusively from word of mouth from happy patients.

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