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Blue Star Organics

Blue Star Organics created Black Mica Water for pure water. Any place and any time. Simply add to your water and stir. The water becomes free of anaerobic bacteria. It’s oxygenated and mineralized. This new Energized Water gives superior hydration. Enhanced cellular hydration that fights inflammation. Improves all aspects of health including better joint mobility.

Blue Star Organics has a simple yet revolutionary way to detoxify your water. No water cleansers or expensive purification filters. It’s a little-known secret used in Japan with 100% success.

If you want Pre-Energized Water, we have many to choose from at Home and Body Care > Water: Energized. If you would like to make your own Energized Water, we have many devices for you to choose from at Home and Body Care > Devices: Food and Water.

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