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From the flowering hops plant, BioActives researched and developed Meridium. It contains Xanthohumol with remarkable health benefits.

Both physically and emotionally. Brings clarity of mind, and better health to your body. It can put you in a better mood IMMEDIATELY. Feel more love and compassion. Xanthohumol boosts your oxytocin, the feel good hormone associated with happiness and balance. Discover how this unique effect can help you feel normal again.

BioActives Xanthohumol supports cell health to fight oxidative stress. Proven effective against tumors from exposure to toxins or carcinogens. It’s a powerful antioxidant that can restore metabolic balance. Feel more youthful energy and strength.

Xanthohumol is poorly absorbed into your blood stream. BioActives specialized delivery system gets Xanthohumol into your blood stream efficiently. To be effective for a wide range of health issues.

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