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Himalayan Crystallized Salt

Himalayan Crystallized Salt Absolutely Pristine and Natural Regular consumption of natural salt provides your body with natural minerals, trace elements […]

Crystal Salt Use

Crystal Salt Use Salt Brine Fill a glass container, preferably one that can be closed and opened easily, with crystal […]

salt, crystal salt, bamboo salt

Bamboo Salt

Bamboo Salt Bamboo salt is most exclusively made in Korea, and typically in connection with a monastery… it originated there […]


Thalassotherapy Rejuvenation is the process of reversing and slowing down deterioration of our physical, mental, emotional us. Is it possible? […]

Table Salt

Table Salt The Perils of Table Salt Additives Only an insignificantly small amount of the worldwide salt production ends up […]

Salt Myths

Salt Myths Americans should slash their consumption of salt by half says a new government report. But the recommendation has […]

Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps These decorative lights can be used in living and working spaces to improve room […]

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