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Kelp Seaweed, Kombu – Laminaria digitata A favorite invigorating supplement of health enthusiasts, dieters and body builders. Contains a wealth […]

Dunaliella Algae

Dunaliella Algae Dunaliella algae are packed with health-promoting nutrients. The unmatched carotenoid content of Dunaliella provides a wide range of […]


Dulse Dulse – Palmaria palmata from Nova Scotia, Canada Trace minerals, on the decline in land-grown crops, are necessary for […]


Chlorella Chlorella is one of the most powerful Superfoods on the planet. It’s one of the richest sources of protein, […]

Spirulina Pacifica

Spirulina Pacifica Kona Hawaiian Spirulina Hawaii (Spirulina Pacifica) Phytonutrients for endurance, stamina and mental power. Chlorophyll for cleansing. A full […]


Phytoplankton Before Wheatgrass… Before Spirulina… Before Chlorella… there was Phytoplankton 3.5 Billion Years in the Making! The world’s most ancient […]

Algae: Red

Algae: Red Laver, Nori – Porphyra Species Description: There are at least four species of Porphyra in northern New England […]

Algae: Green

Algae: Green Sea Lettuce – Ulva lactuca Description: Ulva lactuca is a bright green sheet that closely resembles Monostroma spp. […]

Algae: Brown

Algae: Brown Knotted wrack (Ascophyllum spp.), Rockweed, bladderwrack (Fucus spp.) Description: There are several species of the genus Fucus, and […]

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